21 weeks

This is me squeezing into a non-maternity shirt. That belly is quite round. (maybe it's the angle??) I love the belly. Just not the thighs and hips that go with it. I feel like I've gained so much weight! I guess it didn't help being on bedrest for 4 weeks. I think I gained 3 pounds since yesterday morning. For real! According to the scale I am about to pitch out the bathroom window!

Spenser playing the Irish penny flute in her apron. Only her apron (except a diaper).

A quick tote I sewed on Sunday from a thrifted pillowcase (maybe 25 cents). It was a lonely pillowcase without a match. The handle was made from the wide-cuffed hem of the pillowcase. Different fabric, but same colors. I removed the cool scalloped lace trim and saved it for later use.

After Joe's injury on Saturday, I realized that I needed a tote to take with me to the ER, except I didn't have one. I wanted to take magazines I would want to read (not hospital ones) or something else to do and have a snack (or two) and some bottled water.

This bag is now stuffed with my crocheting stuff: patterns, booklets, needles, yarn, and crochet thread. Now the only problem is trying to remember how to do it. I've been practicing all week, but it has been unsuccessful. I used to crochet pre-children. I made doilies and snowflakes. Lots of them, without even having to think about it. Now I have to seriously concentrate on getting the hook through all the yarn and not making the stitches too baggy or too tight. It might be too stressful for me these days...


Anonymous said…
Your belly is beautiful and the tote bag is just lovely! Spenser is a doll.
laura capello said…
Oh, it's a cute little belly!

And, yeah. You might as well throw that scale out now -- you have 19 more weeks to go.
christy said…
You could gain a lot of weight before anyone would even notice. Don't get on the scales, eat! eat! You know a lot of dresses i wore as a little girl were just apron dresses w/bloomers. just cover that diaper and she's good to go.
Anonymous said…
oh, your tummy is so CUTE! you look great!

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