A New Little Tote

I couldn't resist the clean, thrifted pillowcases and had to dive in last night. I cut out the fabric and interfacing in the afternoon, and prepped everything (ironed on interfacing and pinned everything together) and then it sat. After sitting for an hour or two, I could stand it no more. I finished my dinner and slipped into the dining room while the children finished their dinners in the kitchen (they are slow eaters) to sew it together. I think we finished around the same time ...


patricia said…
What a beautiful combination of prints -- I love the colors.
patricia said…
And good luck for your appt tomorrow. Just read that.
laura capello said…
That is a sweet little bag.

I've definatly got to make myself some type of summer bag, that I can criscross over my chest and carry two sippy cups in.

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