A Little Bag

I sewed this little bag yesterday from Amy Butler's "In Town" pattern. I've been wanting to make it for a few weeks, I just needed the time. The top fabric was scrap left over from my maternity skirt, the other two were from Walmart ($2 a yard), and the clear beaded fringe was on clearance at Walmart. I interfaced the handles and the exterior. I think the whole thing cost less than $2 to make.
I had some "technical" difficulties while making it. No, not with my new machine, but with me. I just wasn't thinking clearly. I will blame it all on "pregnancy brain."
First, for the drawstrings there are two buttonholes. I measured down, marked the fabric and started the buttonholes ... on the wrong side of the fabric! Then (oh, it gets worse), after I ripped out the stitching, I started on the right side of the fabric, but the marking was supposed to be the top of the buttonhole, and I started the bottom there (my machine automatically stitches them). I didn't catch it until the first buttonhole was complete. Do you know how hard it is to rip out stitches for a completed buttonhole? Not very easy. Remnants of the thread remain, but luckily the white thread blends into the fabric.
Regardless of what happened, I'm happy with the bag. It's just so springy and summery to me ... and I needed a change!


Anonymous said…
Very cute summery bag indeed! YOu are so productive with such a large household AND being prego on top of that! impressive.
African Kelli said…
Yep, and I don't even know how to do a button hole. Your bag is sweet.

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