Memorial Day

Joe and the boys slept outside in the tent last night. Spenser and I slept inside. While I was hoping for "all the comforts of home," I am quite a scaredy-cat when I'm "alone." I hear all kinds of noises. Last night, I think I had the worst night sleep ever! There was something in the wall (mouse? bird?) making noises all night long! It started before I fell asleep and went all night. I considering going out to the tent, but I didn't think this pregnant body could sleep on that hard ground. (Joe went in the attic this afternoon and found 3 birds flying around. They are out for now. I hope they don't return.)
What would be Memorial Day without a parade? We went to enjoy the annual parade in my hometown (just 15 minutes away). This is "most" of my family (with the exception of the two men on the far left). This is my mother's side of the family ... or some of it.
And a parade without fire engines? No, it couldn't be! And, yes, that would be my brother, Andy riding in the volunteer engine.

I have to add that I am thankful for my grandfathers who fought in the war. For my father-in-law who served in Vietnam. For my cousin, Joe, who served one tour in Iraq and, I think, serving a second one now. For my husband, Joe, who is safely on American soil. And for all the service men and women who have served to give me and my family the freedoms we enjoy.


laura capello said…
My grandfather fought in World War I, and what I would have given to realize it when I was young and heard stories from him.

My dad served in Vietnam and won't talk about it -- I know he wasn't in combat, but still, he won't discuss it.
Anonymous said…
Looks like your boys had a great time. Sorry about the birds in the attic though!
You have a HUGE family-WOW! How nice to be so close.

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