Saturday S'mores

S'mores on Saturday evening with Joe's parents.

Jack and I roasting marshmallows.

Taylor eating a s'mores.

Jack with s'mores in his hair.

Spenser with a s'mores Hitler mustache.

Mason enjoying a s'mores. One of many.

A few beanbags sewn together from scraps.


laura capello said…
Mmmm... smores.

I need to find some gluten-free graham crackers for this summer (did you know that the original graham was GF, and now they are made out of wheat? so discouraging!).

Looks like you all had a great time!
patricia said…
This looks like lots of fun -- I wish our zoning laws allowed ourdoor fireplaces... Maybe the beach soon? Congratulations on getting off bedrest. I did a few weeks at the end of my pregnancy with Peter. It was not fun. In the end, I wanted them to induce me because of psychiatric issues related to bedrest.

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