And Poopy Days

Yesterday. Yes, that would be poop! It smelled like rotten fish. Definitely not good for morning sickness. I gagged violently the entire time I cleaned her -- before sticking her in the bathtub. Then I still gagged as the stench lingered in the bathroom.

Today. And, yes, that is poop! After the chunk removal, I had to work on the liquid extraction. Not as smelly today. Maybe because I've been suffering with allergies. She kept crying (as I cleaned up the kitchen from lunch) and the moment I walked in, she pointed to it on the floor. She was not happy with herself. It's okay, because she's only 18 months today and still wearing diapers, though I'm not sure why being as they aren't working!!!

An attempt at making a bib. I will have to wait for her to wake up to see if it will fit around her neck. I wanted to make a prototype with muslin before using "real" fabric. (There's a layer of Pellon between the 2 muslin layers.) It says "girl" because we lovingly call her "girl" all the time (plus, her name is too long on my embroidery machine for larger letters, until I invest in the software).

Bib Verdict: a little snug around her neck, but she liked to wear it. When I took it off, she cried. I would definitely make the neck opening larger and maybe the bib a little longer, although I'm sure it would be long enough for the highchair.


laura capello said…
Cute bib. Scary poop (and yes, I've had my share of scary poop. ewww!).
christy said…
ok you are going too far by showing poop. we all know what it looks like. we don't want to relive your nightmare. I think I can smell it too! Yuck!
Anonymous said…
oh lera! around a year old, babybug had a few weeks of back to back leaking poopie diapers. i was so ticked off at the diapers (not MY baby's fault) that i considered writing them a letter. thank goodness, i'd have sounded like a crazy lady. as you've offered excellent proof (haha), we've all suffered this awful form of punishment. unlike the person above me, i like the picture. i think it's too funny. wish i took a picture of babybug's behind. never thought of it during the nightmare! you can show this to her twenty years from now when she doesn't believe you!
btw, the bib is very pretty!
Anonymous said…
Your bib looks great! Your daughter's diaper, not so great. Ahwell, we've all been there. such fun! It could always be worse though.

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