A Few Thrifty Finds

Yesterday I stopped at the thrift store and found these pillowcases:

And these sheets:

Everything is washed and ready to go!
On Saturday I sewed Spenser another pair of capris. They are a little snug around the diaper area. (I was also disappointed on the "sheerness" of the pink gingham!) I will try it again!

And I made a bag as a belated birthday present for Brinda. I used Amy Butler's In Town pattern. I'm really starting to get the hang of it! Even though I really, really, really hate sewing that beaded fringe!

Joe just left for Atlantic City for a few days. They are having some Army training conference there. He has to teach. He'll be back some time on Saturday (after their classes on Saturday morning). The thing with the Army and their conferences is that they really get no free time ... at all!!! Joe has been to Orlando twice (and other interesting places) and never saw anything. They keep them in classes until 8, 9, 10 p.m. (without dinner) and make them be up for breakfast at like 6:30 a.m. He wanted us to go with him (as he has one of the "presidential suites"), but I can't imagine being in a hotel room with 5 kids, with Joe in classes all day and night ... not fun for me (or the kids).

Spenser is sick and just wants to be held. She is crying a lot today (thus the reason for the expression on her face in the above picture). I should have showered before Joe left ...


laura capello said…
Oh, travelling husbands, I can relate. So, have fun not showering until Saturday night :-)

All the thriftiness is lovely though!
Anonymous said…
Great thriftiness! Your bag and capri's look so cute! Sorry about the babe and the husband's trip.

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