Family Visits and Some Good Bargains

My cousin and her family are down from Vermont for the weekend, so we went to my aunt's house to visit. Taylor got in the pool wearing his shorts. Carter woke up with an earache, so we wouldn't let him in the pool. Jack and Mason are too small to get in without an adult (and none of us took swimsuits). The three little boys were disappointed, but the water was kind of cool ... low 70's.

Taylor bobbing in the cold water (with cousin, Ian, in the background).

Taylor and cousin, Alejandro, trying to get warm in the sun.

Jo-Ann's is having a big Memorial Day sale, so I stopped by last night when I took Carter to a birthday party. I bought these fabrics from their "vintage" collection. They were on clearance and then were an additional 40% off, and then an extra 10% off because I had a special weekend coupon. I think they wound up being like $1.50 a yard. I only bought 1 yard of most. 1 1/2 yards for two of them and 2 yards of one. So I got these:

And these: (and 3 yards of a fuschia Asian fabric so I can make a Mandarin dress after I have the baby. It was $3 a yard, minus the extra 10%.)

With more time to kill before Carter's party was over, I stopped in Office Depot. I had a $30 "rewards" gift card from purchases in the store (from when we bought our new camera in December). I had a rubber stamp made with "handmade by lera" on it and bought some labels. It was inexpensive and they made it in the store while I only had to wait minutes. I still have $6+ left on my card ...

So I made sure to put a label on the bag I donated to church.


Anonymous said…
Those are great fabrics and you got such a deal! yay for you. the water looks heavenly...
laura capello said…
Good golly, you all had a busy weekend! I loved reading it all (and I am really jealous of your fabrics as well).

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