A Special Little Treat

A pair of capris I sewed for Spenser last night. Prototype sewn from muslin (without a pattern, but tracing 2 pairs of her pants) with pastely rainbow rickrack around the bottom hem. (They don't fit. Too tight around the belly and thighs.)

Spenser wearing Mason's Thomas the Tank Engine sunglasses.

Me and Jack at his Mother's Day brunch at preschool this morning. He served me a jumbo cinnamon muffin, some cheese cubes, fresh fruit, lemonade, and a chocolate candy. It was much too sweet for me. My morning sickness kicked in and I felt nauseated after eating it (even though I shared all of it with Jack, Mason & Spenser). It was a special little treat to spend time with him.


laura capello said…
Oh, but the brunch did sound fun.

Hope the nausea lets up soon.
christy said…
you and jack look a lot alike next to eachother in that pic. cute!

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