Chalkboard fun

The younger children have enjoyed playing with the chalkboad on our deck. The chalk lasted about 2 seconds before being broken into bits.
Spenser was loving it and actually "posed" for both of these pictures. They are so funny, that I couldn't decide between the two!
I went to my OB appointment today. I gained 7 pounds in the past 4 weeks. I am disgusted! Really! I eat healthy foods. I guess my activity isn't what it has been, partly due to my bedrest and "taking it easy" now. I have gained 20 pounds so far and I will be 23 weeks tomorrow. I just gain wait too easily when I'm pregnant. I usually have only gained about 11 pounds by this point! Although I never have any problem losing the weight, I think it's a vanity thing. You should see my thighs! Okay ... maybe you shouldn't.
Oh, and my next sonogram is Friday (5/26) to check on my placenta previa. My doctor said he will "definitely want to talk" to me after my next sonogram ... that sounds a little scary and intimidating.


Anonymous said…
I love all of the pics!
Don't start freaking until you gain 75lbs in a singleton pregnancy! That's what happened to my sister's MIL! :0
Are you going to playday?
laura capello said…
Um, yeah that "definately want to talk" sounds intimidating.

The kids look like they are having great fun -- and my two can seriously participate in the chalk throwing part of the olympics.

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