Corners of My Home

These are pictures of our front door. Our house is 130+ years old and this is the original wooden door. The door has an old "doorbell" (which, sadly, doesn't work) and cool blue-glass windows above it. (It needs to be washed and re-painted ... we live in a dusty, little, historic town.) Here is a view from the outside:

And a view from the inside:

The back of the door was actually faux-finished. We thought it was stained until further inspection.

A closeup of the cool blue-glass windows above the door. From the inside looking out.

And a closeup of the old "doorbell." Joe has taken it apart and studied it. We have been trying to figure out exactly how it was supposed to work, as there are missing pieces.


christy said…
it's funny that faux finish on wood is such an old idea. brigham young's house in nauvoo has beautiful woodwork throughout and it is nice hardwood but he wanted a different more exotic wood look. the whole house is faux finished wood. it looks awesome though.
African Kelli said…
That blue glass is wonderful. I love cobalt blue.
patricia said…
What a beautiful front door -- the arched panels are something we don't have in our area.

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