Corners of My Home

Our old house has no storage. This is a picture of our first-floor bathroom. We use an old wooden cabinet to store necessities and to display some vintage and old-fashioned soaps. The Ivory soap bar was purchased at a flea market for 50 cents, along with the thimble. There is Porter's Salve in the back. My grandmother used to use that for every skin ailment. Ugh... the smell! (The little brown bar of soap in the lower left is some of my handmade chocolate peanut butter soap.)


Anonymous said…
Laura, did you get my email?
laura capello said…
Cute bathroom.

For an old home, that's a pretty large bathroom. Ours are so small, if you put your arms out you'd touch opposite walls.
lera said…
It wasn't this large when we bought the house. This bathroom was actually a bathroom, small foyer (house was broken down into 2 apartments when we bought it) and part of another room. It's long and narrow. I was standing on the outside.

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