Good Days

Friday morning around 8 a.m., the doorbell rang. Two thoughts ran through my head: Mason is ringing the doorbell; or it's Christy taking the kids to school (then I remembered it was too early for that). When I went to the door, Patti was standing there with this beautiful flower arrangement. She brought it over before work (and I live about 20 minutes out of the way) because she wanted to cheer me up. Mission accomplished!

Jo-Ann's was having a big weekend sale, so I headed there after dropping off Jack at preschool. I bought this: (Look at those "Converse" high tops! All of my boys have the real ones. Wouldn't it be cute if I actually made these for the new baby?)

and these:

and this: (The front fabric is Tracy Porter home dec and I will use it for the exterior of the Amy Butler Betty Shopper. The back fabrics, only $1 a yard, will become either shorts; capris, ones that fit; or more A-line dresses for Spenser. I'm even considering making a simple tablecloth for her play table so she can play with her dishes.)

I did return to Jo-Ann's on Saturday and bought a few more floral fabrics at $1 a yard and one yard of white chenille at half price (with my 50% off coupon).

And I would just like to add that today, May 2nd, I am 20 weeks pregnant. Officially half-way through (unless of my complications, then I may have to have my first c-section at about 37 weeks -- then I am more than half-way through!).


Anonymous said…
i LOVE the pink fabric up front with the green flowers!

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