My children. After church.
From left to right: Taylor (holding Spenser), Mason, Carter, and Jackson.

Mason and Jack in their matching suits. (I think Joe's mom bought them for Taylor & Carter years ago.)

Mason wearing his "I'm thankful for my ears" hat. I guess he learned about ears in Primary today.

Spenser and I in our matching green/white polka dots and pearl bracelets. If I had to pick someone to match, it would definitely be my only girl, whose legs are naturally tanner than mine.

Okay, this is the skirt I made yesterday. It was non-maternity (like the last one), but instead of the "panel" in the front, I sewed a stretchy knit band around the top. It is a little snug where the top of the skirt meets the knit band, and a little snug in the hip/thigh area, but loose in the stretchy band area. I'm hoping that I will be able to remove the stretchy band after the baby (or after I outgrow it very shortly), turn the top down, and sew some casing for elastic.


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