What's That Saying?

"When the cat's away, the mice will play" ??

How about "when the boys are away, the girls will sew" ?

Yes, another maternity skirt. This is a new pattern. One I picked up yesterday at Walmart for under $3. The fabric is from a thrifted sheet (from Wednesday).
All three bags are from babybug's tutorial. Excellent tutorial, I must say. The small pink bag was my first attempt. Thrifted sheet and pillowcase were used.

Again, thrifted pillowcase was used on the exterior and sheet for the interior. This bag is larger than the pink one.

This little blue bag is made from a thrifted sheet and "new" blue with white polka dot lining. This is a donation for a youth "auction" at church. The youth have been earning points at church and are holding an auction on Tuesday. I am donating this with hopes that someone will like it. I will be really bummed if I find out that no one "bid" on it ...
Update: I forgot to mention that I painted Spenser's toenails for the first time on Saturday. She wanted me to, after watching me paint mine. They are so adorable! Such tiny toenails!


Anonymous said…
Super cute! I love the maternity skirt. The pattern is lovely. :)

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