Happy Birthday, Kathie!

Happy birthday, to my best friend, Kathie! Kathie and I have been friends for over 30 years! YIKES! We were very young ... especially me! I just mailed the following tote to her:

This was made from the thrifted poppy flower sheet I bought on Wednesday. It is lined with white and black polka dots. Kathie is a teacher turned librarian. After completing more schooling (in a few days), she will become an elementary school librarian. Every librarian needs a tote ... Right?!?

Target has their children's sandals on sale this week, so I had to go summer-sandal shopping for the boys. The sale saved me over $12.

Joe (who is still in New Jersey in his very giant, 3-TV presidential suite) had to go to a retirement dinner on Wednesday night. He brought back this yummy cheesecake. Have I mentioned how much I love cheesecake?!?

And a little update on my brother, Andy's, first day of career firefighting. He worked a 24-hour shift on Thursday and went on like 10 ambulance calls. He was able to sleep all night without any calls (unlike the firefighters, who had one call that night). The best part about Andy's job (which I just found out today) is that he only has to work nine (9) days a month!!! Yes! Nine days a month with a 24-hour shift each day! Is that incredible or what?!?! He's considering getting a part-time job to keep him busy, although I think he has spent all of his free time at the local, volunteer station. (He wasn't able to fight fires with them while in the academy because if he were injured, he may have to postpone his graduation.) I guess we'll be seeing a lot of Andy now!


Anonymous said…
oh and thought of 2 more names,
Hayden or Landon?
laura capello said…
Mmmm.. what kind of topping is on that cheesecake? Some type of carmalelly - pecan something?

I use to have a friend that was an ER doctor. He only had to work nine 24 hour shifts a month, so he ended up working at two ERs full time and one part time and he still had tons of time off.
lera said…
Nikki: My friend has a boy named Hayden. I like it, though. Joe didn't go for Landon (I asked him last week).

Capello: Yes -- caramel and pecans ... yummy and sticky!

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