Happy Birthday, Timmy!

Happy birthday to my sweet nephew, Timmy! Today he is 6 years old.
Timmy, and his sister Alana (pictured below), are my sister, Kristen's, children. Krissy was killed in a car accident September 9, 2002, leaving behind Timmy (who was 2) and Alana (who was 5). I'm sure it has been a difficult week for the children, with Mother's Day and Timmy's birthday so close together. I know that Krissy is watching over them today and always. May God continue to bless Timmy and Alana.

P.S. Timmy was in the car accident when his mother died. The scars on his forehead are from the halo he had to wear for his broken neck (always a constant reminder). He also broke his leg. Alana was in kindergarten at the time of the accident.


Anonymous said…
This story is heartbreaking.

I hope he has a great birthday.
laura capello said…
I am so sorry to hear about your sister. I lost my my when I was four, and I know how difficult it is to grow up without her.

I hope your neice and nephew are doing well, and with your love and support I'm sure they'll know their mom through you.
African Kelli said…
Wow. I can't imagine your pain. Thank goodness they have you near them so you can remind them what a wonderful woman their mother was.

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