A Quiet Afternoon (hopefully)

I think I overdid it today. I think I hurt all over. My thighs and my lower stomach hurt the most. It's hard to "get back to normal" after being still for four weeks. I don't think I can move.

I ran into Walmart today to pick up a few things. I circled the craft department, as I usually do, and almost died with joy when I noticed more of the fabric I used on my maternity skirt. They didn't have any when I was there last week (and I was not thinking when I originally bought it and only got one yard). There was 2 1/8 yards left on the bolt, and I bought it all. It was a good deal, too, because it is only $2 a yard. I was sad after making the skirt because I thought I would not be able to wear it after I have this baby. And mad at myself for only buying one yard. So, I may have to make a non-maternity skirt out of it.

Today is Kim's birthday. I am planning on making something for her, but it may have to wait until I can walk again. I'm thinking about you, Kim! Happy birthday!

Pictures for my post will have to wait, too, until I can move about painlessly.


Anonymous said…
Oh I got some of that fabric too! It looks really good as a skirt. Glad you got some more. 8-)
Anonymous said…
thanks for the birthday wish.....
Anonymous said…
Take it easy!!! Don't overdue it!!!

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