Poor Spenser was supposed to be taking a nap yesterday. Mason dumped all the books, stuffed animals, and (baby) toys from her room into her crib. She had no room to lie down! She was not happy ... neither was I!

I decided to wash my fabric stash yesterday. I have been accumulating this for a few months.

Now it's ready and waiting for me! The fabric on the far end is Amy Butler (which I bought on sale in January/February). The rest is mostly $1-2 a yard stuff that I've picked up, with a few exceptions (the polka dot and some Tracy Porter fabric).

I sewed a couple of things today. I finished my poppy-sheet tote (I ran out of lining). I sewed another bag (for a gift, which totals 4 bags this week with 3 of them gifts). And I attempted another maternity skirt. Notice I attempted it. I'll leave it at that for now. (It's not exactly fitting me. Well, it fits me now, but not for much longer.) Sigh.

Today's bag. Amy Butler's In Town pattern, without the beaded fringe.


laura capello said…
Oooooh, look at all the pretty fabric waiting on you...

And if the skirt doesn't fit for much longer, hopefully you can wear it again next year :-)

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