Play Day

Today was "Play Day" at the boys' school. We enjoyed the chilly morning watching them run races and relays.

This is my friend, Nikki, with Jack and Mason. We sat on the hill to watch our boys play "tug of war."

Taylor is the third from the end in the red sweatshirt and camo shorts. His class won.

This is Carter running the 400-meter race. He won 2nd place ... I think.

Taylor crossing the finish line of the 800-meter race. He won 1st place! (Although he only had one opponent.) It was a tight finish. My father and youngest brother, Pete, were track stars in high school. I guess he inherited those genes.

Mason and Jack rolling down the grassy hill before we left.

And, of course, Spenser. She just finished enjoying a blue sno-ball, hence her blue lips.


Anonymous said…
lol @ the first picture. I stayed to see Erik's relay races. He did the ice carry and it kept slipping out of his hands.
African Kelli said…
Aw. Such a pretty and happy family!
Blue food dye is a known cancer causing substance. Please remember this when shopping! Included is blue soap, body soap and dishsoap.

I care for your children.

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